Interview with Author Janet Louise Mancini

Hello all, I am so honored to be interviewed today by Jeané Elliott Bennett in Universal Books America Group.  This is very exciting.

             1.  Where do you live? Do you care if I put your hometown in the article?

I have lived in Monongahela, PA most of my life. It is a small town south of Pittsburgh, PA. If you ever have the chance, please visit.  You will love the rolling hills and the Monongahela River that runs along the outskirts of town.

              2.  Tell us about your book.

My book, Finding My Life through the Children's Home, became my passion to write. Once I found out where the children's home was that I was adopted out of at 5 years of age, I had to write.  The more information I found, the more inspired I was to put this history of my life together.  I did not know how this would end up or who I would meet along the way.  You see, I am an adopted child and I started my quest after my adopted mother died in 2000, to find my biological mother.  I needed to grieve her passing also. She died when I was 4 years old.   I not only found where she was buried, but I found her only living sister, who gave me pictures of her, who I look exactly like.  I found the women who worked in the home, the pictures they had saved for almost 50 years ago, of me living there, and my living biological siblings. At age 50 I went from a twin brother to 7 other siblings in my family.  I was totally shocked.  It is a how-to book on researching your roots.  It was also my desire to thank everyone in my life for the loving life I have had, and how it has affected it in so many ways. 

3.               What inspired you to write?

It took me a total of 10 years to research and write my book.  As I gathered the information, I would keep a journal of every happening so I would not forget it.  It was so exciting putting the puzzle together of my life I did not want to miss anything.

4.               Who are some of your favorite authors?

I have a lot of diverse interests when it comes to authors.  I read all sorts of books from autobiographies, true life stories, romance books and health related ones.

5.               Do you have any more books coming out? When?

I will have my first suspense novel coming out in 2015, if not sooner.  This is a completely new field for me, but I am enjoying writing it as much as I did my first book.  I seem to write a lot from life's experiences now. 

6.               How did you go about getting your book published? How long did it take?

I belong to a local writer's group and one of the author's suggested Jan Abney as the editor for my book and was introduced to CreateSpace in publishing my book. Jan did an awesome job in putting it all together for me.  She made my dream come true. 

7.              Are you doing any book signings or author talks in the area? If so, when and where?

I have health issues this year that have prevented me from any book signings but hopefully I will feel well enough next year to plan some.

8.              Is there anything else you'd to tell us?

My writing has given me an excellent outlet for my creativity.
Thank you so much for the opportunity for the interview. This is the Amazon link. 



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