Welcome to Your Future Success

Welcome to Your Future Success
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Artist are Entrepreneurs Too!

Whether you're a music artist, a poet, a painter, or a writer, you're an Entrepreneur.  Some Entrepreneurs in the creative sector are considered Creative Entrepreneurs.  That term comes from the person stretching their creative talents.

One Entrepreneur in particular comes to mind when I think of a Creative Entrepreneur.  Gilli (pronounced with a J) Moon http://www.gillimoon.com/ is a Creative Entrepreneur in her own right.  Not only is Gilli an Australian born singer, and song-writer, she's also an author.  Her book I Am A Professional Artist in its 3rd edition deplicts Gilli as a professional artist.  The book also gives pointers for other artist who feel they are struggling with their craft.

The music of Gilli Moon is both uplifting and relaxing.  Her CD "The Stillness" combines the sounds of Alternative, Ballad, and Electronica, Pop, Easy Listening and R&B.  It is a must check out.

She has a restless creativity and rebellious nature that continually urges the artist to push the envelope when writing a song, recording in the studio, on stage, painting a canvas, or with whatever she touches.

Born in Milano, Italy and raised in Australia, Gilli has brought those sounds to the Los Angeles, California area and is rocking the pop charts with her Aussie sounds.

Her songs have been featured in independent films and network U.S television programs worldwide, including Nickelodeon's "South Of Nowhere", the WB’s “Charmed”, the Disney Film "Rip Girls,” CBS' "That's Life" as well as many independent films and recorded by other artists including Dutch artist, Erikah Karst (Mercury/Universal), produced by David Kershenbaum (Tracy Chapman’s "Fast Car").

Check her out.

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Jeane' Elliott Bennett

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