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Welcome to Your Future Success
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Friday, November 7, 2014

Interview with Michael Tavon

Our interview this morning is with Michael Tavon.  We are going to find out a little about Michael and the his latest book, "Garage Band: The Legend of Dookie Harris.

1.  Where do you live?  
Saint Petersburg, Florida
2.   Tell me about your book.
It's a comedic novel about failure and dejection. Kevin 'Dookie' Harris who was once projected to be crone famous is now a baby father of 5 kids,a stork  clerk, a raging alcoholic  who vicariously lives out his dream by singing karaoke at the age of 38. Kevin and his former band reunite to give their rock-star hopes another chance
3.   What inspired you to write?
The average American, most Americans are miserable blue collar workers who gave up on their dreams and that's who Dookie Harris is.4.   What is your writing process?  How long does it take you to write a book?

 I don't have a set process I just write whenever the creative motor is running. For "Garage Band" it took me 3 months the write it, it took another
4 to edit it.
5. Who are some of your favorite authors?

 Charles Bukowski and Teresa D Patterson.
6. Do you have any more books coming out?  When? 

Yes! "Garage Band 2: Behind the Band" and there isn't a set date yet.
7. How did you go about getting your book published?  How long did it take?

 I self published, so it didn't take long
8. Are you doing any book signings or author talks in the area?  If so, when and where? 

Not yet ;( I guess I'm not cool enough.
9. Is there anything else you'd to tell me?

 I aspire to make the world laugh through pain.

Michael, I want to thank you for allowing us to interview you this morning. 

Everyone can look for Michael Tavon's book on Amazon.com.  Be sure to follow him around the internet and get to know him.

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