Interview of Author Tamyara Brown

Hi, it’s good you could join us for Author Showcase today.  Do you mind if we get started with a few questions?
   1)        What do you do for fun?
      Believe it or not, I love to dance
   2)        Who would play you in the movie about your life and why?
      I would have to say, Jill Scott because I believe she could portray my story and really bring my story to life.
    3)       What types of books are on your bookshelf at home?
      I have romance, motivational, thriller, and urban fiction, books about writing marketing and social media.
    4)       Short answer favorites:  Dessert.  City.  Season.  Type of hero.
      Desert:  Mojave
      City:  Los Angeles
      Season:  Summer
      Type of hero:  Wonder Woman
5)     What flowers would be in your ideal bouquet? Roses and Tulips
6)     What does the area where you write look like?
 It is actually very plain with sticky notes on the wall with writer’s tips.  It is a small room with a desk, chair, books on writing and a lot of pen and papers.  I leave it plain to block out the distractions of my home.  I want to focus on the character and writing.
7)     What inspired you to write your latest release?
Blue’s Treasure was inspired by a former boyfriend who is currently incarcerated.  He was the Harper Blue in my life and I wanted to tell a love story from a man’s point of view.  It is the story we rarely hear about a man loving a woman the way he loves Treasure.
8)     Do you have a favorite hero/heroine you’ve written?  What makes them special?
Yes, from another novel soon to be released Patricia Sergeant from Fat Girl Vigilante.  She is the character that made me step out of my good girl mode and write someone who was evil and twisted.
9)     What can readers expect from you next?
Fat Girl Vigilante
10)  Where can our group members find your book?
 You can find my book at:
Thank you so much Tamyara for being with us today.  Look up her current release and be on the lookout for future releases.


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